Yecla has always been known for being “la ciudad del mueble” (the town of furniture) and the nearly 500 current furniture companies are evidence of this. There you will find a lot of companies manufacturing furniture, mattresses and sofas, together with an endless amount of ancillary businesses such as transports companies, upholsteries, furniture assemblers…etc, which have succeeded in selling and spreading the furniture from Yecla worldwide. In our stores you can find everything: living room and dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, children’s furniture, auxiliary furniture, upholstered furniture, home office, kitchen furniture, chairs, armchairs, sofas, garden furniture, lightning and decoration, mattresses and mattress bases. So, if you are looking for furniture or you need the help of an interior designer or decorator, you have to come to Yecla.

Ibañez Ruiz

It’s a furniture exhibition created in 1975 by Carmen Ruiz Quiles, who is its current director. The company has been dedicated for more than 30 years to furniture industry. It has been awarded several times for leading the modern market with a modern and professional way of thinking. Its production is based on full-in house manufacturing. The company has a team who has been working since its establishment, with the expertise from their professional years.


Forum Muebles is a store of designer furniture and decorative items and the contract, standing as a benchmark company in the Southeast of Spain. It has 2,000 square metres of exhibition space, where you will find a great variety of furniture and complements, styles and trends. It also has a team of professionals with wide experience in interior design.