It is said here and there that in Yecla we are always celebrating something, and let us be honest: they are right. In Yecla we like very much working but we like having fun even more. We have festivals and celebrations throughout the year: in spring, summer, autumn and winter. There isn’t a season that goes by that we don’t go out on the streets to celebrate something. Furthermore, each festivity mobilises many festive associations which organise themselves very well throughout the year to assure us the best festive days. In which season do you prefer to celebrate something?

Festivals in spring

The festivities in Yecla are very varied in springtime. From our solemn Holy Week in which you can find peculiar religious processions unique in Spain, to our well-known Fiestas de San Isidro when the weather is nice and we go out to the streets to celebrate our agricultural past, or the Fiestas de los Judas, a very peculiar pagan festival in which humour and satire play a key role.

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Festivals in summer

In Yecla we always spend summer calmly. Here we look forward to the arrival of the second week of September to celebrate our fair: two weeks full of cultural activities, concerts, music and plenty of revelries. It is tradition that parents let their children go on a ride. At the same time, a lot of people go dancing to the fair tents (“casetas”) to drink something and listen to good music.

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Festivals in autumn

Autumn is probably the most expected season of the year since we celebrate our saint days: the Fiestas of the Virgen in honour of Mary Immaculate. We take the Virgin down from the Sanctuary and she stays in Yecla until the following Sunday, nine days after her arrival to the city. In Yecla Christmas doesn’t arrive until we take the Virgin back to the Sanctuary.

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Festivals in winter

The winter in Yecla is tough but we endure it better with the typical winter festivals, such as The Three Wise Men and their traditional parade, the nice “San Blas” festival with their delicious “Panes Benditos” (blessed buns) decorated with colourful “pajaricas” (paper birds) or Carnival, prior to Lent of Holy Week.

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