As an inland town, Yecla is surrounded by wonderful landscapes and protected areas of high environmental interest. Talking about Yecla means talking about mountains, plains, mountain ranges, brownish, greenish and orange tones. There are thousands of little corners hidden in our natural environment surrounded by stories and legends, and beautiful sites worth being framed. In Yecla you will enjoy its mountains and paths, enjoy a picnic and spend a wonderful day in the countryside. So, choose when, take your rucksack and come and immerse yourself in our unique landscape!


Yecla’s natural resources are wide and will require a good planning to enjoy them: its mountains and mountain chains, its steppes, its ravines, its springs and spring waters, its caves and chasms and its singular trees, which form part of a beautiful landscape. Sceneries you will always remember when you are back in the city. The tranquility of the mountains and the smell of rosemary will come to your mind.

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Enjoy our public infrastructures located in Sierra Salinas, the Cerrico de la Fuente and Monte Arabí. They are ideal for going on picnics with friends and enjoy a day in the countryside.

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Routes and Paths

Hiking enthusiasts will enjoy a great variety of routes during his stay in Yecla. Firstly, short hiking trails, which are hiking routes with a distance between 10 and 50 km. It will take you one or two day’s journeys to finish them. Long trails, which are conceived for hiking trails or routes longer than two day’s journeys and which normally have a length greater than 50 kilometres and finally, not signposted trails, such as the one in Sierra Salinas or in Sierra de las Pansas which can be walked through different routes with a duration of less than one day’s journey.

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