Yecla has much to offer, so we can’t tell you about everything in a single day! This is why our accommodation offer is increasing with each year. We offer you several possibilities to spend the night in Yecla: from the most functional and practical places to stay located in the town centre which enables you to get anywhere by taking a stroll to these places to stay in a magical corner placed in the town’s historic quarter, and other places surrounded by vineyards and natural landscapes which will encourage you to jump out of bed every morning with a wide grin on your face.


We have two fully-equipped hotels: one is located in the town centre and the other one is only 5 minutes from the town centre. Each has a different style and both offer a wonderful food service (catering) with the typical gastronomy of Yecla.

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Rural Accomodation

We have four country houses located in different areas of Yecla. From one located in the town’s historic quarter just ten minutes’ walk from the city centre, to others 2, 6 and 7 kms from Yecla, which offer hundred-year-old houses which have been restored by preserving details that make them unique. Despite the distance from the city, they are easily accessible by car and ideal for making getaways or quick trips to Yecla in a rural environment.

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