Yecla has a lot to offer and we can’t tell you about all it in just one day! This is why our range of available accommodations keeps growing every year. We offer various options for spending the night in Yecla, from the most functional, practical accommodations located in the centre — allowing you to reach anywhere with just a short walk — to that perfect place nestled in a magical corner of the historical centre, to accommodations surrounded by grapevines and natural landscapes that will encourage you to jump out of bed each morning smiling from ear to ear.


We have a fully equipped hotel in the city centre that offers a magnificent restaurant serving the most typical local cuisine.

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Rural accommodation

We are partnered with five rural homes located in different settings around Yecla. From one located right in the historical centre to another 10 minutes from the city centre, to others located at 2, 6, and 7 kms: hundred-year-old homes that have been restored while preserving the details that make them unique. Despite the distance, they are easily accessible by car and perfect for getting away to Yecla amid rural surroundings.

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Municipal Hostel

The ‘El Ramblizo’ municipal youth hostel has facilities designed to accommodate young hostellers looking for a stopover or place to stay when participating in or touring cultural, educational, sports, or training activities organized in our town.

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Rural Hostelry

Casa Boquera is located amid extensive vineyards from which it makes wine. The complex encompasses a private garden with pool, together with an overlook where you can gaze on the beauty of the vineyard and the entire surrounding valley.

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Holiday Rentals

Murillo 20
In Yecla we are supported by holiday rentals so you can enjoy your visit to Yecla to the utmost. Properties throughout the historical centre of Yecla or in an idyllic spot in touch with nature.

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Wood & Stone Hostel
If your thing is cultural exchange and social experiences, this type of accommodation will completely transform your trip to Yecla. Wood&Stone offers the possibility of meeting every type of person from anywhere in the world.

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