The culture of Yecla is rich in variety, ideal for relaxing and disconnecting from the bustle of big cities for a few days. We recommend you to go for a walk while enjoying our cultural routes. Thus, you will be able to visit the town centre, contemplate and enjoy its historic quarter and climb to the highest part of the town. We also recommend you to consult our wide range of museums and leave some time for visiting one or several of our museums.


There are several routes which enable visitors to go and contemplate the town’s monumental heritage. Probably the most representative monument is the Basilica of la Purísima Concepción due to its semi-spherical dome which was built with blue and white tiles. It has become, undoubtedly, one of our distinguishing marks. We also have to talk about our “Concha Segura” Theatre, which was built in 1886 and it is dedicated to the actress Concha Segura, who was born in Yecla. Finally, you can’t leave Yecla without visiting the Sanctuary (“Santuario del Castillo”) where the image of the patron saint of the city is located. As the Sanctuary is placed in the highest part of the city, you will be able to enjoy great views from there.

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Regarding the museums, Yecla offers you several options for very different profiles. Through its five museums, you will be able to go in depth into the rich archaeological heritage of Yecla, the exquisite work carried out with the reproduction of the paintings of El Greco, the museum of the Fiestas of the Virgen, the world of bullfighting or the wide imagery of Holy Week.

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