Regarding the museums, Yecla offers you several options for very different profiles. Through its five museums, you will be able to go in depth into the rich archaeological heritage of Yecla, the exquisite work carried out with the reproduction of the paintings of El Greco, the museum of the Fiestas of the Virgen, the world of bullfighting or the wide imagery of Holy Week.

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum Cayetano de Mergelina addresses four times and four enclaves in the municipality of Yecla: Prehistory at Mount Arabi, the Iberian Culture in the Cerro de los Santos, the Romanization in Los Torrejones and the Middle Ages in the Cerro del Castillo.

El Greco's Replicas Museum

This museum gathers 73 replicas of El Greco’s pictorial work painted by Juan Albert Roses, a painter born in Yecla. It gathers a selection of materials found in the main archaeological sites from the municipality.

Virgen del Castillo Marian Museum

It’s an old Franciscan monastery. Inside it, the visitor can contemplate all kinds of objects related to the patron festival which is celebrated in early December in honour of the Purísima Concepción.

The Holy Week Museum

This museum is located in the Gothic naves of the Old Church (Asunción Church) which gathers the “pasos” (processional scenes of Holy Week). There you can also find processional thrones, standards, embroidered figures, the crosses which head the religious processions, tunics and highly valued religious habits.

Museum of Bullfigthing

There you can contemplate pictorial scenes painted by artists such as Juan Ortuño, Pepe Marco, Jiménez, Cesar Palacios and Pedro Chinchilla, as well as bullheads, bullfigthing posters and numerous objects belonging to the world of bullfigthing.