If you come to Yecla we recommend you to take a gastronomic tour around the city. There is a lot to taste so that you can have an idea about how we manage to cook in the inland. You can start the day having tortas fritas for breakfast, with some sugar, salt, anchovies, honey and with the complement that you prefer. You can also ask for suggestions, you will have plenty of them! If you are brave and you get up very hungry, you always have the option of gachasmigas, cooked with flour, salt, water, garlic cloves and whatever you want to add. To have lunch, we recommend you a delicious plate of gazpachos with its condiments, our most typical dish; a delicious plate of “pelotas” cooked with chopped loin, among other ingredients, main dish of the gastronomy in Yecla, especially when it’s very cold outside, or some good “migas” with grapes, simple but with impressive contrast and flavour. While having a coffee you can order the most typical dessert, the so called “libricos”, wafers with engravings on them representing famous monuments and buildings, or a selection of mantecados, made from flour, almonds and lard. Each better than the previous one! In mid-afternoon you can have a “empanada de patatas” (potato patty) specially during Holy Week, and why not try cod fritters or sweet fritters? They are so good that it’s going to leave you sucking on your fingers! If you visit Yecla at the beginning of February, you can try our Panes Benditos (blessed buns). In the evening, nothing better than a good plate of fried cheese with tomato, as the icing on the cake.

Creative Cuisine

Creative cuisine may surprise you because, as its name suggests, creativity is the main ingredient. Research and innovation of the different dishes will make you enjoy a very funny experience. In Yecla, you can enjoy this type of cuisine.

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Traditional Cuisine


The traditional cuisine is lifelong home cooking, that one which accompanies high quality ingredients typical of the area with more conventional styles in which raw materials stand out above any matter of design and appearance. In Yecla it’s maybe the most popular option.

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