In Yecla you will find a broad range of wineries. From the most traditional winery whose history is parallel to the history of Yecla. These are wineries which have been able to use the market’s latest technologies; completely environmentally friendly wineries or wineries which include their own restaurant amongst their services.

Bodegas Évine

Four generations have been working in this organic winery, which produces wines according to the artisan tradition, where grape harvest is entirely made by hand with respect for the bunch. The winery has its own facilities within the estate. From the winery you will be able to see the vineyards, olive trees, esparto fields and landscapes bordering our facilities.

Bodegas la Purísima

This wine cellar is part of Yecla and its inhabitants. Founded in 1946 by several farmers who came together to improve the quality of the wines from Yecla, it was the winery which boosted Designation of Origin Yecla. Its historic building dates from 1953. There you will find hundred-year-old vineyards.

Bodegas Barahonda

The first company was started in 1925 by Pedro Candela Soriano, and until today, it has been growing and innovating, generation after generation. There is a restaurant inside the winery, from where you will be able to sight the vineyards, allowing the visitor to finish a day of wine tourism.

Bodegas Castaño

With a clear innovating spirit, the Castaño family has incorporated avant-garde technologies and the latest vinification systems to keep alive the legacy of their ancestors, an inherited passion for the deeply rooted Monastrell, the king variety in Yecla.