Culture Routes

There are several routes which enable visitors to go and contemplate the town’s monumental heritage. Probably the most representative monument is the Basilica of la Purísima Concepción due to its semi-spherical dome which was built with blue and white tiles. It has become, undoubtedly, one of our distinguishing marks. We also have to talk about our “Concha Segura” Theatre, which was built in 1886 and it is dedicated to the actress Concha Segura, who was born in Yecla. Finally, you can’t leave Yecla without visiting the Sanctuary (“Santuario del Castillo”) where the image of the patron saint of the city is located. As the Sanctuary is placed in the highest part of the city, you will be able to enjoy great views from there.

Historical and Monumental Route

Take a stroll around our most iconic and representative monuments, from the Plaza Mayor, (Main Square) full of interesting monuments, to the Catholic King and Queen’s arch, which commemorates the passage of Isabella I of Castile through the village of Yecla. Enjoy the magnificent views from the Balcony of the Tower (“Mirador de la Torre”). Yecla is full of corners steeped in history.

Route of Churches

In Yecla you will find from large churches such as the Basílica of la Purísima Concepción to small chapels as Santa Bárbara. Others, as San Roque church, preserves a magnificent wooden coffering with two Mudejar eaves making it it the oldest temple in Yecla. All of them hide exquisite details, so check their visiting hours and come to rediscover Yecla!

Route around the Castle Hill

From the highest point of the town you will be able to enjoy panoramic views extending to the surrounding towns. Climb up the hill going through the well-known Route of the Flag (“Paso de la Bandera”) and breathe deeply. If you keep climbing up, you will be able to reach the Sanctuary of the Castle, where you will also find an important archaeological site, Hisn Yakka. We recommend you to take this opportunity to see all the houses and shortcuts you will find during the climb.