Routes and Paths

Hiking enthusiasts will enjoy a great variety of routes during his stay in Yecla. Firstly, short hiking trails, which are hiking routes with a distance between 10 and 50 km. It will take you one or two day’s journeys to finish them. Long trails, which are conceived for hiking trails or routes longer than two day’s journeys and which normally have a length greater than 50 kilometres and finally, not signposted trails, such as the one in Sierra Salinas or in Sierra de las Pansas which can be walked through different routes with a duration of less than one day’s journey.

Blue Trail Boardwalk, Yecla Valora and the viewpoint of ‘la Molineta’

In 2023, Yecla win blue trail Flag Award for the Yecla Valora boardwalk Path and the viewpoint of La Molineta. To get to know it we have to start on the ascent to Cerro del Castillo, along Fuensanta Street. It is a very easy route to follow, since the main route has 2,200 km and adding all the variants 4,520 km.

Short-Hiking Trails

In Spain, the trails marked as Short Distance (PR) trails have a distance between 10 and 50 km away. Sometimes it can take less than 10 km due to the unevenness, difficulty, etc. It takes one or two days to walk on them. They are marked with white horizontal markings and yellow paint. In 2010, the first two were certified PR Yecla. They are the PR-MU 90 and 90.1 located in the Sierra del Serral and PR-MU 91 located in the Monte Arabi.

Long-distance Footpaths

Great Tour (GR) is the name given to the paths of a European network of roads, mainly present in France, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands. Designed for hiking over two days, they have generally a greater length of 50 kilometres. Many long-distance paths are in turn part of a larger network, European Long walks. In Yecla we can find the GR 251, this route is the first stage of the long distance footpath GR-251 MU, departing from Yecla and reaching Caravaca de la Cruz with a total distance of about 93 km.

Not-Signposted Trails

In Yecla we can find two not-signposted trails in Sierra Salinas and Sierra de las Pansas. The first one enables us to contemplate a typical Mediterranean mountain forest in our area along its paths and trails. In Sierra de las Pansas we will find a forest trail of great botanical and scenic interest.