Cantos de Visera

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Useful information:
Families, couples, individual/ Monte Arabí route: 5,5Km difficulty: medium-low /Buitrera route 1,25Km difficulty medium-low

One detail:
These are the first cave paintings which were discovered in the Region of Murcia in 1912 by Juan Zuazo Palaces.

You can find:
Rock art in two rock shelters. In the first one we can observe forty Palaeolithic carvings and paintings of animals representing the fauna: bulls, horses, caprids. In the second there are seventy paleolithic carvings and paintings of animals among which the ones representing the fauna such as bulls, deers, equidae (the horse family), caprids and birds stand out. There are also schematic figures and paintings such as broken, snake-shaped, cruciform and point-sized lines, box work…
In spite of being painted read, they look darker (tending to black).

What’s so special about it?:
In 1998 Monte Arabí was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, becoming part of the group of Rock art of the Iberian Mediterranean Basin.
These paintings would appear between VI and II millennium B.C., being perhaps the Levantine cave Palaeolithic ones the most representative ones dating from a moment of transition between the Neolithic and the Eneolithic (IV and III millenniums B.C.).