Cueva del Tesoro

It’s situated 17,5 kilometres northwest of the town centre, close to Casa del Guarda (“the house of the guard”) in Monte Arabí.

Tourist and recreational value:

Ecological Map Sheet

What’s so special about it?:
It’s a cave of medium dimensions associated to popular legends. We can see bats as well as amphibians (such as common parsley frog) inside it.

One detail:
The area is included within the definition of protected area for the cultural interest sites (“Bien de Interés Cultural”) of Cantos de Visera I and II, Abrigos del Mediodía I and II and petroglyphs, located in Monte Arabí.

It’s a small cave which was formed due to dissolution of soluble rocks from a fissure. The entrance to the cave is at ground level, with a diameter of 0,60 metres. Then there is a short tunnel which must be crossed by crawling while descending slightly. Behind this tunnel there is a small room and several galleries which aren’t very long. It’s located in a relatively flat area with esparto field and rosemaries together with some dispersed Aleppo pines near a road.