Monte Arabí Route

For further information: in the Tourist Office- 30510 Yecla (Murcia) Spain

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Useful information:
Families, couples, individual/ Monte Arabí route: 5,5Km difficulty: medium-low /Buitrera route 1,25Km difficulty medium-low

You can find:

  • “Cantos de Visera.” Art rock station (paintings) included in the Declaration of UNESCO World Heritage Site for the group of Rock art of the Iberian Mediterranean Basin.
  • “The Mediodía” Cave. Art rock station
  • El Arabilejo and its cup and ring marks (“cazoletas”). Engravings called “cazoletas” (cup and ring marks) which are located in the southern part of el Arabilejo, a small mountain with a wide plain on its summit, which we must consider to be part of Iberian schematic art.
  • “Cueva del Tesoro” there are several popular legends linked to the cave regarding the existence of a treasure inside it, hence its name.
  • Casa Marta’s chapel. It’s a chapel located in a small village called Casa Marta, in the surroundings of Monte Arabí. We know that it was built in 1794.
  • Caserío de los Ibáñez. It’s a group of two storey workers’ houses with small ironwork crop-shaped balconies. A large well with waterwheel for animal traction stands out of the ensemble.