The Mediodia Cave

For further information: in the Tourist Office- 30510 Yecla (Murcia) Spain

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Useful information:
Families, couples, individual/ Monte Arabí route: 5,5Km difficulty: medium-low /Buitrera route 1,25Km difficulty medium-low

You can find:
Rock art. It’s located in an overhang serving as a kind of shelter over a plain several metres long, inside which there are several coves.
We can see three groups of paintings from different tonalities.

  • Figures painted in dark red. A horizontal zigzag line and a group of human figures with their arms interlocked.
  • Figures painted in yellow. A human figure, a very stylised figure, and a double stick-like symmetrical figure.
  • Figures painted in red. There are stick-like symmetrical figures, a very slender equestrian figure, two human figures, two figures drawn around a central axis and numerous arch-shaped ramifications, together with the representation of a caprid and above it, a double axe and two large-eyed small idols.

What’s so special about it?:
In 1998 Monte Arabí was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, becoming part of the group of Rock art of the Iberian Mediterranean Basin
These paintings probably appeared between VI and II millennium B.C.

One detail:
the meaning of the cave paintings is an open debate.