Basilica of la Purísima

C/ España, nº 37 – 30510 Yecla (Murcia) Spain

968 79 00 39



Useful information:
Visiting hours (on working days) 8:00/19:00 (winter), 20:00 (summer)
Visiting hours: Saturdays: 8:00/19:00 (winter), 20:00 (summer) mass with young people/ 20:00 (winter), 21:00 (summer) Mass for Neocatechumenal Communities
Visiting hours on Sundays and Holidays 10h, Charismatic Mass / 11h, mass with the children (from October to June) / 12h, solemn Mass / 19h (winter), 20h (winter)

You can find:
The first stone of the building was laid 22 October 1775, being the construction started according to the project by José Lopez. In 1777 Mateo Volarín and José Alcami were put in charge of the technical management. In 1793 the works were paralysed. In 1859 the construction was restarted again according to the project by the architect Jerónimo Ros, being the works completed on 30th November 1868. The church has a basilica ground plan with three naves and a large transept. It has a Latin-cross ground plan. The ornamentation of the vaults in the central nave and the transept have frescos representing Marian scenes, which were carried out in the middle of the 20th century by the painter from Lorca Manuel Muñoz Barberán.

The neo-baroque style of these paintings gives the stark neoclassical ornamentation of the building a majestic touch. In the exterior, there is a noteworthy and characteristic element: the dome, standing on a circular tambour divided into eight rectangular holes, framed by a series of double Ionic-style pilasters. The hemispheric banked dome was built with blue and white glazed tiles decorated in a spiral.

In the exterior, there is a noteworthy and characteristic element of the basilica: the dome covered with glazed tiles making up white and blue stripes.