Wine Tourism



In Yecla you can find a large variety of wineries on the Yecla Wine Route. From the most traditional winery,whose history runs parallel to the history of Yecla, to wineries applying the most innovative technologies on

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Libricos Yecla

The Yecla Wine Route has partnered with different establishments to round out your experience, from specialized wine shops to bull breeding, olive mills for discovering the oil of Yecla to restaurants and bars for enjoying a glass of wine marked with the Yecla Designation of Origin. (See Gastronomy/Bars and Restaurants).

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Wine and Gastronomy Events

Ruta del Vino y de la Tapa
Four wine and food events are associated with the Yecla Wine Route for a complete wine, food, and folk experience: the ‘Wine and Tapas Route’, the ‘Veraison of Monastrell’, ‘European Day of Wine Tourism’, and the “Wine Festival”.

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