The Yecla Wine Route has partnered with different establishments to round out your experience, from specialized wine shops to bull breeding, olive mills for discovering the oil of Yecla to restaurants and bars for enjoying a glass of wine marked with the Yecla Designation of Origin. (See Gastronomy/Bars and Restaurants).

Complementary offer

Almazara DeOrtegas
The Yecla Wine Route has a complementary offer related to wine tourism, which is very interesting to visit, such as the DeOrtegas Oil Mill and the Nazario Livestock, ideal for learning about a great Yeclana agricultural and livestock experience.

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Wine Shops

Estación de Servicio Las Balsillas
Yecla has a number of specialized wine shops so you can purchase great quality wine marked with the Yecla Designation of Origin, both at wineries on the Yecla Wine Route and at other associated establishments.

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