Wine shops

Yecla has a number of specialized wine shops so you can purchase great quality wine marked with the Yecla Designation of Origin, both at wineries on the Yecla Wine Route and at other associated establishment.

‘La Purísima’ Wine Shop

This winery is a part of local life. Founded in 1946 by various farmers who came together to improve the quality of the local wine, this winery was what motivated the Yecla Designation of Origin. Its historical building dates to 1953 and you can appreciate hundred-year-old vineyards on the estate.

Carnicería Carmelo Puche

At Carnicería Carmelo Puche, we work every day to make your life easier. We have a butcher’s shop, as well as a butcher’s stand and deli at the San Cayetano market in Yecla. We also have a vending machine where we leave products, both fresh and cooked, so you can enjoy them at any time of any day.

‘Libricos Yecla’ wine shop

Since 1850, this family business has produced the most typical, traditional sweet in Yecla: ‘Libricos’. Here you can also find other artisan pastries, major wines from all the wineries in the city, oil, honey and related products, coffee, hot chocolate, other drinks, ice cream, and souvenirs.

‘Estación de Servicio Las Balsillas’ wine shop

At this service station, you will find not only fuel, but also a very special corner dedicated to products from our land. In particular, there is a complete shop with wine and oil marked with the Yecla Designation of Origin. The best opportunity to fill up and purchase the most typical local products.

‘Castaño’ Wine Shop

The wine shop at Bodegas Castaño offers a variety of products based on the Monastrell grape variety, oil, vermouth, and more, which will delight customers and visitors to the winery.

‘Barahonda’ Wine Shop

The winery was founded in 1925 by Pedro Candela Soriano. Since then, generation after generation, they have always grown and made innovations. The winery houses a restaurant, from where you view the vineyards and round out your day of wine and food.

‘Evine’ Wine Shop

For four generations, they have produced 100% organic wine produced in small batches, using an entirely manual harvest to protect the integrity of the clusters. On-site facilities. From the winery, you can look out on the vineyards, olive orchards, esparto fields, and landscapes that border our facilities.