Pine Trees in Rambla de Los Rincones

It’s situated 11,1 kilometres North of the town centre, next to the road A-14 (connecting C-3223 with Caudete), very close to the municipality of Caudete.

Tourist and recreational value:

Ecological Map Sheet

What’s so special about it?:
It’s a noteworthy specimen due to its dimensions. This example of Aleppo pine has the biggest trunk diameter of the municipality.

One detail:
It is included within the perimeter of the “Estepas de Yecla” (Steppes of Yecla) Special Protection Area.

We can find large Aleppo pines (Pinus halepensis) with a trunk diameter of 1,30 metres: 4,25 metres, reaching up to 18 metres of height and 19 metres of crown width. They have twisted trunks with some visible roots and two main branches with secondary ones. The crown slants to Northwest. They are located in the edge of Rambla de los Rincones, with reeds, genistas, tor-grasses and other plants, within proximity to the road A-14. Their conifer cones are eaten by squirrels.