Los Torrejones

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It is a Roman site of a rustic villa, a traditional agricultural holding from the Roman period. As a general rule, it had a monumental or lordly area where the owner used to live, and a service area allocated to the workforce assigned to the farm.
This villa was inhabited between the 1st and the 4th century of our times. In these centuries a concentration of population appears to have been around the villa of Los Torrejones, a moment during which it was fortified.
Some old Roman premises will be reused and converted into a hamlet’s tower or an “almunia”(a vegetable patch or a farm) during Almohad age (in the second half of the twentieth century), reusing the antique defence and hydraulic systems from the Roman period.

What’s so special about it?:
The villa of Los Torrejones, was located as the other villas in a vast plain, with fertile lands, well supplied with water and mainly dedicated to wine cultivation and the olive tree, as well as olive oil and wine production.
Materials which have been found: marble bas-reliefs, remains of statuary, coins, ceramics, mosaics, bronzes and more recently, polychrome painted stuccos with faunal, vegetative and geometric decorative motifs…etc.