Roman Road Route

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The route of the Roman road (the current Traviesa de Caudete), which coincides with the one connecting Ad Aras and Ad Palem stopping places, which are engraved on the so-called “Vasos de Vicarello”, four silver glasses, dating from the 1st century of our era. This important communication road connecting Játiva (Saetabis) with Cástulo in Jaén was especially relevant in the 3rd century B.C., being crucial from the 1st century B.C. for the process of Romanization in these inland areas. For the territory of Yecla, in particular, it served as a stimulus for the area’s agricultural economy. Thus, four big rustic villas appeared: Casa de la Ermita, Los Torrejones, Marisparza, Fuente del Pinar and El Pulpillo, in addition of the mansio located next to the road, such as the Casas (beginning of the road to the West passing through the municipality of Yecla) and Casa de las Cebollas.