Alarcos Palace

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You can find:
It is a Renaissance house which was built in masonry stone work and ashlar stone on the corners in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. It belongs to Gil de Alarcos and Palao de Alarcos noble families. On its façade there is a coat of arms representing the “Calatrava cross” on a denticulated frieze and a window with the following words: LATEST MEMORIAE ET TUA ET INETERNUM NOM PECABIS, year 1659. The meaning of the legend and the representation of the angel as a crest seem to be destined to immortalise the memory of a deceased child.

One detail:
It has been recently restored to host the municipal units. On its façade a coat of arms in relief over a denticulated frieze and a window stands out, together with a double window between “Martínez Corbalán” and “Ercilla” streets.