Municipal Well of Casa Tárraga

It is situated 17 km northwest of the town centre, near Casa de la Mina, in the area of Casa Tárraga.

Tourist and recreational value:

Ecological Map Sheet

What’s so special about it?:
It’s a spring or well of natural recharge. The silhouette of Arabi can be seen from there.

One detail:
It isn’t included in any protected area.

It’s a circular well made of masonry and ashlar stone measuring 2,0 x 2,3 metres in the base with a maximum height of 2,3 metres. It has a parapet measuring 0,70 metres with 2 pilasters supporting an old wooden beam. Its well-head is covered by firewood. There was still water in the well until a few years ago. Located in the boundary of croplands and forest areas, it is sparsely vegetated in the surroundings, next to a path, between Casa de la Mina and the road MU-404. MU-404. It was restored by the Town Council in 2014.