Fuente de las Pansas

It’s situated 17 kilometres south of the town centre, in the shaded spots of Sierra de las Pansas.

Tourist and recreational value:

Ecological Map Sheet

What’s so special about it?:
It is the only natural water spring in Sierra de las Pansas. Until a few years ago, it still had water, serving as a usual watering hole for livestock (there are still two rock sinks carved to that end).

One detail:
It’s included within the perimeter of site of Community importance of Sierra del Carche and the ecologically sensitive area (Área de sensibilidad ecológica).

It’s an ancient natural water spring rising from upwelling which is formed by a stone hollow with a diameter of 3 metres, surrounded by reeds (Juncus Scirpus). In spite of being dry at present, it had been used since Roman times. Proof of this are the remains of hydraulic construction from this period (between the first to fifth centuries A.D.) for water supply to Casa de la Ermita. It’s located in a small levelled area between the forest area with Aleppo pines, brushes, and crops.