San Blas Festival

3th February


Useful information:
Families, couples, individual/ Ideal to enjoy these ancient festival and its delicious panes Benditos (blessed buns).

One detail:
“Pajaricas” are colourful paper birds made with bars and strips of paper) and small figures of putty made of flour, water and boiled potatoes representing different motifs: flowers, birds, hats…etc, on them.

Historical background of the festival:
Traditionally, the festival began on the eve of the feast. On that day, the members of the brotherhood go from the Host’s house to the “hornacina de San Blas” (Saint Blas alcove) on “calle de la Iglesia” (The Church street), where the traditional bonfire is lighted, accompanied by the firing of fireworks. The next day, the feast day, women make lots of buns in honour of Saint Blas, which are decorated by hand; afterwards they are baked and finally, we place “pajaricas”. Saint Blas’ image is carried out on the shoulders, together with buns of all sizes. Once they are in the church, a solemn mass is celebrated and then, the buns are blessed.