September’s Fair

18th September

Yecla Town Council


Useful information:
Families, couples, individual/ Ideal to enjoy music, rides for children and popular culture in Yecla.

One detail:
The fair tents and stands often organise activities of all kinds; therefore, all the inhabitants of Yecla take the opportunity to go out during the week as well.

Remarkable information:
Yecla Jazz Festival is an event which gathers soloists and bands of very different music styles such as jazz, soul and blues. It receives media coverage of Radio 3 from RNE (Radio Nacional de España).

Historical background of the festival:
To know about the origin of this fair we have to search for it in the privilege which was given by the King Philip 5th to Yecla regarding the celebration of “la feria Franca” (Free Festival) during the first fifteen days of November. In 1785 we know that the Mayor López de Alcudia ordered stands to be built so that stallholders only need to bring their toys and goods.

In 1839, the Mayor Ortuño Castejón set the time (a duration of one week) which coincided with “San Miguel” festivity. Nowadays, September’s Fair is focused on rides, fair tents, musical performances, theatre, sporting events…with a festive character.