Rambla de Tobarrillas Route

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Useful information:
Families, couples, individual/ Route Rambla de Tobarrillas, 2,57Km/ low difficulty

You can find:
A complex canalization grid departing from the spring of Tobarrilas la Baja; the workers’ house, an old ramshackle house dating from the 19th century which preserves an old lookout post in one of its corners, giving it the look of a small fort. The remains of an aqueduct, which must have been built in the second half of the 18th century and a set of fourteen man-made caves rehabilitated as a human habitat. Finally, the spectacular area of petroglyphs located in this zone which would be associated to routes for seasonally mobile cattle in Prehistory.

What’s special about it?:
You can find an area of petroglyphs with an approximate area of 78,000 square metres. Eleven groups of rock engravings have been -fil”, “Los Tanques”, “La Cara Incisa”, “Constelación de Cefeo”, “Osa Menor”, “Tridente”, “Laberinto”, “Ramificación”, “Cazoleta Cuadrada” and “petroglyph Casa Pintao”
The workers’ house itself, an old ramshackle house dating from the 19th century whose defensive functions were tested during the Carlist Wars. It’s also worth mentioning its oil mill, which sill preserves the old machinery from the beginning of the 20th century.